Our most common question is; What happens if it rains? At Glacier Jet Ski Adventures we take your safety and comfort seriously. For that reason, we have selected the finest gear and experienced guides to protect you from the raw elements of Alaska.

Our guides are local Alaskans that have been guiding high angle adventures in this state for over 20 years. We constantly monitor weather and ocean conditions to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Below is a description of the gear we provide on all of our exciting Alaska jet ski tours:


SEADOO WATERCRAFT: When we purchased jet skis for our tours we considered factors like reliability, stability of watercraft, ease of use, noise out-put and fuel consumption.  They are equipped with the latest in noise reduction technology. We have also added custom sound proofing to our engine compartments to reduce noise level to an almost non-existent level. With minimal fuel consumption and quiet operation our SEADOO WATERCRAFT are great eco-friendly alternates to larger water taxi and tour boats operating in Prince William Sound’s Blackstone Bay!

DRYSUITS: We provide high quality breathable drysuits to all our guests to protect them from the cold weather/waters of Alaska. Non-breathable suits are commonly used in tourism in Alaska, Glacier Jet Ski Adventures are proud to be one of the only tour providers that offer the comfort of a breathable drysuit to our guests! These suits will keep you dry, safe and happy during your Alaska jet ski adventure.

HELMETS: To ensure your safety and warmth in the remote areas that we operate our tours, we provide DOT approved helmets for all our guests. These helmets were chosen for their light weight and unobstructed view. All helmets are equipped with a hands free communication system to ensure clear communication from guide to guest. Helmets are equipped with an optional face shield that can be lowered if you happen to get some rain on your jet ski tour.

LIFEJACKETS: We provide comfortable low profile lifejackets for all guests.

WATER SHOES: Keep your shoes dry in our outpost and use our toasty warm 3mm neoprene water shoes.

GLOVES: We provide gloves to keep your hands warm.

* Please note it is YOUR responsibility to have the correct layers for underneath the drysuits to keep you warm.